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Contribuild Employee

"Hi, it's James"

Volunteering made Accessible. Finally.

Filter tasks to your interest, complete them
at your convenience, then donate the points
you collect to the charity of the month – all from
the comforts of your mobile phone. 

The more you volunteer with us...

the more vibrant your virtual neighbourhood will be!

This is your neighbourhood! 

See what you like!

Complete our personality quiz and get sorted as a Contribuild character. Your tasks will then be curated to your interests!

Briefings on the Go!

Bringing volunteer briefings to the comforts of your phone. Contribuild tasks require little to no training, thus the gist will be available as a video from your project coordinator.

Time is Money!

Points will be awarded as you complete tasks depending on the time spent. With every 100 points collected, our partner companies will match it with a dollar donation to the charity of the month.

Samantha Wong

Singapore Management University

Level 30 Contribuilder since 2019


Nanyang Technological University

Level 100 Contribuilder since 2018

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Uncle Hilmi

Uncle Hilmi can be seen at the bird cages near the void deck. He takes care of the community's birds and takes the opportunities to teach the youth about animals and how to care for them.